Elly Jessop Nattinger, Experience Engineer

people + space (+ technology)

About Me

I am an artist and technologist combining art and tech to allow new kinds of expression, create new qualities of experience, and tell new stories. I design and implement interactive multimedia systems for live performance and installations, drawing on my background in computer science, theater, choreography, stage and costume design, and choral conducting. I can also be found designing theatrical costumes and wearable electronic art.

I have a double major in Computer Science and Theater and Dance from Amherst College, and a doctorate from the MIT Media Lab, where I was a member of the Opera of the Future research group. My research work has explored the intersection of technology, gesture, and voice, with a focus on designing and building systems for the capture, analysis, and extension of expressive voice and movement.

In addition to my independent theatrical work, I work at Google as an Experience Engineer in the Virtual and Augmented Reality division. At Google, I have also developed software and platforms for interactive physical spaces.

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