Elly Jessop Nattinger, Experience Engineer

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Costume Design for Major Barbara

I designed costumes for The Pear Theatre's 2016 production of Major Barbara. The play is a classic George Bernard Shaw satire from 1905, focusing on the conflict between Barbara Undershaft, a major in the Salvation Army who hopes to save the souls of the poor, and her father Andrew Undershaft, a wealthy weapons manufacturer.

The costumes were designed to be period-appropriate and center on different color palettes for the three acts. In Lady Britomart’s house, the costumes were primarily jewel tones; in the Salvation Army, the costumes were the colors of dirt/coal/rain/soot. In the Armory, the look was black and white and shades of gray, to convey a modern/future-centric aesthetic.

I was responsible for constructing, renting, and buying costumes.

Regarding Arts: "Costumes by Elly Jessop are excellent"
Talkin' Broadway: "...very well done are all the costumes of the early 1900s created by Elly Jessop"

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A discouraged Major Barbara.

Barbara with her father

The Salvation Army attempting to support the unemployed.

Lady Britomart (Barbara's mother) and her son.

Production photographs by Ray Renati