Elly Jessop Nattinger, Experience Engineer

people + space (+ technology)

Flux: Grant Park

For Thursday, we folded ~500 origami cubes with LEDs inside and spread them in a field in the park.

For Friday, we attached bone conduction transducers to a series of lampposts so if you put your ear to the lamp you would hear sounds that might have been in the park 100 years ago.

For Saturday AM, we installed a telephone by Constitution Springs. If you answered the ringing phone, you were asked a nostalgic question (such as "What was your favorite flavor of ice cream to get from the ice cream truck?"). Your response was then blended into the sound of the stream, layered with the other participants' reactions.

For Saturday PM, we marked out the topographical map of a hill with balloons wrapped in lights.

For Sunday, we created a galaxy out of biodegradeable packing peanuts and then destroyed it.

With Rebecca Makus and Peter Torpey, I built a series of temporary installations/performance acts embedded within Grant Park in Atlanta as part of Flux: Grant Park.

Each day, we constructed, documented, and then removed a new installation in different regions of the park, using a toolbox of components to create a variety of site-specific responses. Each daily cycle featured specific elements of the toolbox and served as a performance in its own right. These performances took place Thursday-Sunday, 9/27-9/30, 2018.

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