Elly Jessop Nattinger, Experience Engineer

people + space (+ technology)

Digital Disassociations

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I'm Here

LIFO - Love In Fractured Order

On the Boundary Line

Production photographs by Robert Colby.

Digital Disassociations was my senior thesis in the Department of Theater and Dance at Amherst College.

I choreographed, directed, and costume designed a trio of performance pieces exploring ways that structures and concepts from my studies of computer science intersected with movement and interaction. The first piece, "I'm Here," incorporated costumes enhanced by fabric touch sensors to explore the difference between physical interactions in real life and the intangible interactions of our digital lives. The second piece, "LIFO - Love In Fractured Order," explored the relationship of a man and a woman in a sequence of events based on the data structure of a stack, where the last element put in is the first one that can be removed. The final piece, "On the Boundary Line," questioned whether our digital interactions can take the place of our real ones, through the story of a man who falls in love with two women - one in the real world, one who is an online avatar.

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